Recap: 'Arabs Got Talent' Season 3, Episode 11!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Oh, what treasures did the fifth Arabs Got Talent Live show have in store for us last night! 

The show kicked off with “Shaware'na” (Our Streets), who did a comedic singing act, followed by the hilarious “Mohammad Al Khatib,” who dressed up as an old granny named “Fawzeyyeh.” In the act, “Fawzeyyeh” was in love with judge Ali Jaber and pretended that judge Najwa Karam was jealous of them!

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Recap: 'Arabs Got Talent' Season 3, Episode 11!

It was then “Karimbo” who wowed the judges with his Spiderman-inspired act and the super flexibility of his body.

“D-Sharp Band” did a great job too with their fun Latin-Oriental music act.

It was then the turn of the more sporty acts to perform, and while “The Genius” did a fab flaw-free gymnastic performance – despite group member Braham's disability, it was the “Karate Twins” who failed to impress the judges.

The final act of the evening was the amazing young piano player “Taher Ja'far,” who played a romantic number while surrounded with hundreds of candles on the stage. 

Who made it through last night? The public voted for “Shaware'na” (Our Streets) to move onto the finals, while the judges equally voted for “Karimbo” and “Mohammad Al Khatib” to follow them to the next round.

However, after having to resort back to the public vote, it was “Karimbo” who made it through to the finals.

As usual, the exciting episode ended on a high note with yet another international act performance; this week, it was Frenchman Jerome Murat with his astonishing comedy mime act.

Source: Al Bawaba

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